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Cat Spaying and Its Advantages

March 17th, 2017

A spay surgery generally prevents cats from getting pregnant by removing both the ovaries along with the uterus. It is not as simple as the neuter surgery that takes place in case of the males.

Frankly speaking it is a major surgery, but it is to be noted that the beloved cat will only be affected for few days or for some weeks. After the operation is carried out she will be enjoying numerous health advantages.

cat spaying

Advantages of spaying:

Spaying decreases certain illness which includes the risk of pyometra (it is one of the common life threatening infections of the uterus) or mammary gland cancer.

Spaying decreases pet overpopulation. Millions of cats are put down every year because there are not enough homes for them.

Spaying saves you from dealing with males who are widely being attracted to your female in heat.

Spaying eliminates the rather unattractive behaviour, which is often being associated with a cat in heat. Burnaby pet hospital.

It is to be remembered, that the unspayed female cats go into heat about twice every year and its lasts a couple of weeks each time. They regularly go into heat for their entire lives- unless they are spayed.

When it is time to spay your cat- She can be spayed any time after she is 5 months old and preferably before her first heat for the best health advantages. The first heat cycle occurs somewhere around six months of age, depending on the breed.

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