Dr. Varinder Kamboj

Burnaby Veterinarian
Burnaby veterinarianDr. Varinder Kamboj is a well-respected, experienced and contemporary veterinarian who has enjoyed working in the field of veterinary medicine for over 29 years. In 1987, Dr. Kamboj attended Punjab Agricultural University in Ludhiana City, India. He graduated in 1992 and began working as a small and large animal vet in Punjab, India.

In 1999 Dr. Kamboj settled in Canada with his wife Goldie & his young daughter Rabia. In 2002 Dr. Kamboj started working as a veterinarian at Atlas Animal Hospital in North Vancouver, BC and in 2003 he opened his first clinic, Westgate Animal Hospital in Maple Ridge, BC. His excellent rapport with clients and his gentle care of their pets made Dr. Kamboj a popular veterinarian in the Maple Ridge/Pitt Meadows area.

In 2009, Dr. Kamboj pursued a position with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. While with CFIA he continued to provide locum services to several vet hospitals in the lower mainland. Dr. Kamboj’s true calling, however, is in small animal medicine and surgery so in February 2015 he opened Greystone Animal Hospital, a family-oriented, modern clinic providing up to the minute, compassionate care for the community and their pets.

Dr. Kamboj enjoys travelling to many of the beautiful countries in the world, gardening, playing with Zelda, the family’s 7 year old lab/shepherd cross and above all, time spent with his wife, Goldie & their daughter, Rabia.



Veterinary Assistant
Jessie Calverley is a veterinary assistant here at Greystone Animal Hospital. She’s striving to become a veterinary technician and is so grateful to be working along Dr. Ravi’s side. She’s grown up on a farm and as a young girl had always been surrounded by many animals from large to small.

She loves horseback riding, art and riding her bike but her all-time favorite thing is spending time with her handsome min-pin Buns. Whether they’re at the dog park or snuggling at home her little man is always full of energy. Buns’ favorite activities are fetch and guarding the house. He also loves to run with other dogs and hit the trails!



Veterinary Assistant
Kelsey Clay is a veterinary assistant at Greystone Animal Hospital, and is working towards a career as a veterinarian. She is currently a student at the University of British Columbia in the Applied Animal Biology Program, with plans to apply to the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon.

Outside of work and school, she enjoys hiking on the North Shore, kayaking, horseback riding and drawing portraits of animals. Most of all, she loves to spend time with her two rescued rabbits, Bun and Charlotte.


Hello, I’m Layla and I live at Greystone Animal Hospital. I was born in early 2015 and still got quite the spring in my step. As an active trouble maker, I like to push the boundaries of what it means to be a curious cat by searching everywhere: in food bags, on top of shelves, in drawers, you name it.

For fun I’ll practice with the mice – computer mice that is – because I’m always looking for my toy mouse. I SWEAR it just twitched.

I enjoy ordering around my family just so they really know who the queen around here is; and today I’m looking for exactly three pets so we’ll see how that goes. As a merciful ruler I always make sure I show my affection in the form of nuzzles and kisses, and really you never know what’s going to get you a little extra wet food later. I love meeting new people who shower me with affection, but I also have quite the fan base coming in just to see little ol’ me. My favorite is when my friends come over and board with us for a while – I love having someone to play with!

I may nip you if I get a little excited, and I’m a bit of a chatter box, but I just love being me. You can find me on our comfy couch or on someone’s lap, running around trying to find where I hid my last treat, or maybe taking a cat nap with the space heater when it gets cold out. Feel free to pop in and say hi anytime!