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pet vaccinations
At Greystone Animal Hospital we carry all available core and non-core vaccinations for your dogs, cats, and ferrets too!

All animals are prone to diseases, so in order to protect your pets it’s necessary to get them vaccinated. Please note that much like human babies, puppies and kittens require several shots in their first year in order to stay healthy. We also suggest talking with our vet about your pet’s lifestyle, so we can recommend the right vaccinations for your pet.

Vaccinations themselves provide a fast and easy fix to prevent your pet from getting sick, but only if they’re kept up on a yearly basis. Not only will they keep your pets happy and healthy, but they’ll keep your mind at ease too, and prevent further spreading of diseases.

If you have any questions regarding your pets vaccines, feel free to give us a call our vaccination clinic number, send us an email, or book your appointment today.

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